Sunday, October 28, 2018

LIL TAY: The REAL True Hollywood Story (How She Got Famous EXPOSED)

Pay attention. This is what fake music industry execs and label owners do. They’ll email you on a Sunday requesting that you to take down your own work, all because they want to exercise some authority, as their new position as "artist manager", "label owner", "publisher" or whatever role they claim. If this person was really handling his business, and doing his job, he would not have time to even be concerned about an old song, which is actually helping to keep his client relevant. These types will rather see the whole house burn down, than to see you all living in it, in harmony.

In this video, I share the story, from my perspective of the “Lil Tay” situation and controversy. I started working with Claire (Lil Tay) and her brother Jason Tian around January 2018. I was introduced to Jason and Claire through my business partner JPrice, who is a producer whom I’ve worked and collaborated with since 2015. JPrice has helped in my quest to discover new, and upcoming artists. One day, JPrice told me about this young Asian girl who he felt would rise to the top very fast. Before Lil Tay and Jason even amassed 10k followers on Instagram with their mockery of hip hop and antics, JPrice and I were planning a music project with Lil Tay. The plan was to create 5 demo songs and shoot a few impromptu green screen style music videos, with Lil Tay rapping. Based on the circumstances, we knew Lil Tay was going to “blow up” fast, so we started writing several songs for her. After writing a few songs, and sending Jason and Claire several instrumental beats, “Money Way” song was recorded.

Jason knew nothing about music production or recording music at home. JPrice and I coached Jason, during various video chat sessions, and the "Money Way" vocals were recorded in GarageBand, per our instructions. The vocals were then sent to JPrice, which he mixed and engineered. I put the song on our YouTube channel (, and soon, it had over a million streams and was re-uploaded by several users. At this time, I did not want Jason and Lil Tay to make any more videos at this time and I suggested that they focus on shooting a quick and cheesy iPhone music video for "Money Way" song. Instead Jason continued to push Claire to make these tired videos of her "flossing", "flexing", using the n-word and bragging about how rich she was, mocking hip hop culture. All that did was make people despise Claire even more. While Jason was being blinded by the amount of new followers coming to his "Lil Tay" Instagram page, he didn't realize that he was simultaneously ruining his sister's image. It's one thing to have a large following of people who like you. It's another to have a large following of people who despise you and look at you as a clown.

The "Money Way" song soon started racking up millions of accumulative streams on all music platforms. An artist can get a major record deal, but that doesn’t give the major label the authority to take all of the artists old music down, unless a artist completely sells out to the label, which is very stupid. I’ve watched artists get suckered left and right, by labels, who claim that old releases interfere with new marketing. That’s the biggest crap I’ve ever heard in my life. You don’t delete old work, just because new work was created. That is the definition of "counter productive" and the work of none other than a counter-productive hater/crab in a barrel. The hater doesn’t want ANYONE to capitalize off of ANYTHING! Here is a perfect example! Now this random “record producer” is emailing my client, threatening him with “cease & desist” letters, over a song WE (not him), created in good faith, with an artist that we were willing to put our necks out for, at the time.

Here’s the TRUE story of the “Lil Tay” project and how things went uphill and downhill very fast due to her brothers greed, clout chasing, ignorance and the list goes on. This is all a joke to me. There’s a million other things I’d rather be doing than going back and forth with a grown man about a song that I created, with my business partner, almost a year ago, with a 9-year-old elementary school student. Seems people have nothing better to do, than bother people with this childish nonsense. This is also a perfect example of discrimination in the music business. For example, if this same song was produced by Timbaland or Pharrell, or any other big producer, we wouldn’t be getting this sort of harassment. This is what small time record execs do. They go around picking fights over authority. I personally could care less.