Sunday, October 14, 2018

How To Become FAMOUS

You want to know how to become famous? If so, then watch this video. I discuss exactly what you will need to do, to become famous. Gaining fame and notoriety doesn't come easy for most. Some people are born into fame, others get famous because of luck or chance. Most famous people have worked for their success and have been involved in projects that have affected the world in positive ways. Fame comes from being prolific and putting out bodies of work. You cannot expect to be famous for doing nothing. You must create and build your business or your craft, if you expect to get notoriety from it. In this discussion, I speak about the term "Instagram Famous" or "YouTube Famous" and exactly what that means. I also discuss popular female artist Cardi B, and her rise to fame and popularity. I also discuss famous Instagram entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian and how he utilizes Instagram to further his brand. I also discuss the phrase "15 minutes of fame" or "fifteen minutes of fame" and what being prolific really means.