Monday, May 28, 2018

Post Malone's Studio [Life of Artist Manager]

In this episode, we get a look inside the studio where Post Malone recorded some of his biggest hit songs. Myles Gousse, son of Max Gousse, invited us to meet his partner Dash, who manages the studio. Dash was kind enough to give us a tour of the studio and he also gave us a first look at the renovation plans. As you can see by all the Platinum and Gold plaques on the wall, this studio is legendary and has churned out many hits. My business partner Roget Romain and his new artist Kameechi were present on this tour. Check out the footage and stay tuned.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Max Gousse's Son Myles [Life of Artist Manager]

In this episode, me, Roget Romain and Kameechi meet with Myles Gousse, son of legendary artist manager, Max Gousse. We met with Myles in North Hollywood at a studio where he works at. Myles was very cool and very humble. Myles invited us in his studio and introduced us to some of his business partners and Dash, who manages the studio. Dash also told us that he's related to legendary producer Damon Dash. Check out the footage and stay tuned.

Warner/Chappell Meeting with Roget Romain [Life of Artist Manager]

In this episode, my long time mentor and business partner Roget Romain sets up a meeting at Warner/Chappell offices in Los Angeles for his new artist Kameechi. Roget was able to contact his long time friend Big Jon Platt, and instantly set up a meeting that the average person would never get. After the meeting, I take Roget and Kameechi to Little Tokyo, where we dine on sushi and sake. The following day, I got a chance to hang out with Kameechi and we wrote songs and listened to some new beats. Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Life of Artist Manager: Roget Romain & Kameechi Arrive In Los Angeles

In this episode, my long time mentor and business partner Roget Romain arrived in Los Angeles with his new artist Kameechi. Roget started managing me when I was doing my "FDTV" comedy series, back in 2005. Roget has always been a big help in my career, and I've never made any major moves without running it by him. This week, we plan on shooting some new content for Kameechi and working on Roget's new media company, Black Count. Roget just bought a new Sony A7 S, so we were eager to work with the new camera. The Sony Alpha 7S camera uses mirrorless technology and the visuals turned out amazing. Kameechi and JPrice have also been working on some new music and all the songs I heard sound like fire! Watch what happens next.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Zaytoven's Manager, Al Nuke, Talks About Managing A Super Producer

Artist manager, filmmaker, director, actor, songwriter Al Nuke, talks about managing Atlanta Super Producer Zaytoven. Al talks about loyalty and his role as Zaytoven's business partner and manager. This clip is from "Life of Artist Manager" Web Series. Watch the full episode here:

Monday, May 14, 2018

Life of Artist Manager: Producer Gets KICKED OUT The Studio!!!

Working with this new producer that reached out to me on Facebook. Met him at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills and heard a few of his beats. His beats had potential and he told me that he already had a few placements. He told me he was interested in me managing him and that he was interested in me being his agent, to shop his productions. I had to leave the meeting, but I invited him to my studio downtown Los Angeles, to work on some new music. After working with him for two days and noticing how defensive he became, while I gave direction and advice, I realized we wouldn't be able to work together. I wanted to finish the song that we had already created, sign off on it, and then part ways, but this is what ended up happening. Wish this guy the best.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Life of Artist Manager: Playmaker Strike

(4/13/18) - Finally got a chance to link up with DMV rapper Playmaker Strike. I met Strike in 2016 and we had a good conversation about the music business. He told me that he was working on his project and had a video coming soon. After watching the “Baller Blockin” Music Video (, I realized that he was a great artist and immediately wanted to have another meeting with him to discuss if we could work on a project. When I got back to Los Angeles, I gave Strike a call and we ended up meeting in front of the Nice Kicks store downtown. I chatted with him for a bit and he discusses some of his plans for 2018. Check out this interview.

Friday, May 11, 2018

JPrice Nice - On Me

JPrice Nice "On Me" Official Audio. Stream on Soundcloud:

Life of Artist Manager: Neo Da Matrix DTLA Cook Up

(3/15/18) - Just touched back down to Cali two weeks ago. Headed downtown Los Angeles to link up with the homey Neo Da Matrix. Neo's production was recently featured on the Fabolous and Jadakiss album "Friday on Elm Street". Neo is a legendary producer and has worked with Jay-Z, Rihanna, Swizz Beatz and the list goes on. Check out this raw footage of Neo cooking up a new beat. Sounds like a hit to me.

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