Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life of Artist Manager: My Newborn Son

(3/31/16) - Here’s footage of my newborn son Taj when he was only two months old. True success in the music and entertainment business is being financially free while finding time to share with your loved ones. When I’m not working, I do my best to find as much time for my family as possible. I work on being a better father every day and my children have been a huge inspiration. I strive to provide all of the things they’ll ever want and need in life.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Life of Artist Manager: Fetty Wap & Monty Business Deal

(3/1/16) - My cousin T'niyah is a R&B singer and we're planning to release a project soon. She's from New Jersey and is very good friends with Monty and Fetty Wap. She introduced me to the 1738 crew and the introduction led to us doing a nice business deal together. Here's footage of us going to meet up with Fetty Wap, Monty and the Remy Boyz 1738 in Hollywood. Credit to for some of the footage used in the end.

Check out Fetty Wap & Monty's music video for their hit song "679".

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Prestley Snipes Producing and Starring In New LA Barbershop Reality Series

Trappin Out The Barbershop: #TruthLA Web Series (Starring @RemyBoyMonty1738 ) [Episode 3]
Watch more episodes here: #TRUTHLA WEB SERIES