Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Prestley Snipes - What You Smoking On???

"WHAT YOU SMOKING ON" Music Video by Prestley Snipes Produced by JPrice & Prestley Snipes. Recorded and Engineered by Prestley Snipes.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Why I Almost Got MURDERED at 17???

I just thought I'd share this story about how I was almost killed before my 18th birthday. I'm usually talking about the music business or real estate, but in this video, I'm telling a real life story, from my past. Learn to have humility in life and your time here on this planet will be much longer. Before turning my life around, I lived a life of crime and I was not the best person. I enjoyed disrespecting people and I used to not care about how my actions effected other people. I've drastically changed my life and I've devoted my life to helping others, sharing knowledge and bringing peace to the world. Life is short and we must make the most of our time here. I hope this story helps you, in some way.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Airbnb Business | Making Money with Prestley Snipes [Episode 7]

In this episode, I give updates on my progress with my new real estate investing business and I also link with Khalid Mateen, who is also a Phoenix area investor. Khalid shows me two of his Airbnb projects that he's renovating, which will soon earn a nice monthly cash flow. I also go back to the squatter house from Episode 6, to get some pictures and video of the property. I was able to make contact with the owners of the squatter house, and I may be getting that house under contract this week. I also got my first deal under contract, in Florida, but I ended up losing the deal, due to circumstances. Check out this new episode and stay tuned for Episode #8, which will be coming real soon.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Houston Entrepreneur Pop-Up [Life of Artist Manager]

(6//7/19) - In Houston, TX at an event at The Media Block, hosted by Pop Darby, The Compass Circle & Red Pill. Met with a few entrepreneurs and had a brainstorming session with them about business and marketing. I also met Audia Jones, who is currently running for Harris County District Attorney. We ended the night at Soul Food Vegan Restaurant.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Prestley Snipes & Ebon Blak Talk About People Stealing Your Work, Music Business + More!!!

Had a chance to chat with Ebon Blak today about plagiarism and being an independent artist. We covered a lot of good topics in this consultation and I want to thank Ebon for being a loyal subscriber. We speak about Soulja Boy and his influence in my music business career and my "Crank That Spiderman" video, which went viral on this channel. We also talk about iTunes shutting down and the streaming era. Ebon also shares some of his experiences as a producer/artist and says he is having great success using some of the tips from my book "How To Make It In The Music Business". Check out this session if you're interested in getting some real life advice and insight about your career as a producer, songwriter, or artist, that's using the internet, to market your brand. If you're interested in a consultation session with me, feel free to contact me. Thanks

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Prestley Snipes & King Musa Talk About the Music Business

Last night, I got a chance to do a consultation with King Musa about the music business. In this video, I share some valuable information with King Musa on how to market his music brand online. King Musa is an Egyptian American artist who was also once a professional basketball player. King Musa has a passion for music and is pursuing his career as a songwriter and artist. During this chat, we speak about several topics which may be helpful to you and other independent artists, looking to grow their brand, from the ground up. Feel free to use any of the advice that we share in this video and stay tuned for more conversations that I'll be sharing on this channel, in the future.

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