Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Does Rap Beef Help Your Career???

This video is a response to BET Networks (Black Entertainment Television) latest video titled "Does Rap Beef Help Your Career? A Look Into The Most Notorious Beefs Ever | Rules To This Sh!t". For the second time, I'm giving my opinion about a BET's new video series, that covers the music business. This is for entertainment purposes and I respect the people at BET for taking the effort to make the video, in which I'm speaking of, but I honestly feel that the video has no purpose other than to continuously shed light on the negative history of Hip Hop. The Hip Hop culture is continually evolving and we are all well aware of past tragedies within the Hip Hop community. I believe that it's BET's responsibility to shed light on the positive instead of continuously perpetuating these negative stereotypes in a genre in which they've been profiting from for decades. I'm sick of this type of repetitive content, and I share my opinion about their video.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Why Opinions Don't Mean Shit Anymore

Opinions are like assholes...everybody has them. Everybody will always have something to say about what you do. You can either be influenced by other people's opinions or you can choose not to. Some people's opinions are genuine while other's share their opinion to throw you off balance. In this video, I share my thoughts on opinions and why I think other people's opinions can be a big sidetrack. People will always have a lot to say about you or your pursuit to success and you must try your best to ignore the bullshit. Remember, opinions do not pay your bills and you can't feed your family with other people's opinions, so do you and make the most of your life. The people who leave opinions about you most likely wont be at your funeral either. Push yourself to the top and don't look back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How To Find Your Audience

In this video, I discuss the power that music has when it comes to marketing and starting a movement. Music goes hand and hand with advertising because people tend to remember catchy songs. The human body is made up of 60% water. When music is played by water, it vibrates. It's a fact that music moves people. Putting out music and catchy advertisements are key to building your audience, fast. In most of my videos I discuss releasing content on a regular basis to building your following and find your audience. I also talk about rapper NBA Youngboy or Youngboy Never Broke Again and how he has built a 4 million+ following on YouTube by consistently releasing music and music videos. I also discuss critics and people who will criticize you, in the process of you building your brand. There's a saying, "birds of a feather, flock together" and there's also a saying "there's plenty of fish in the sea". You must use these philosophies while building your brand and try your best to not get discouraged. How are you finding your audience / following? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below and make sure you Subscribe, Like & Share this video.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back In Los Angeles [Life of Artist Manager]

(3/7/18) - Just got back to the West Coast. I was in Atlanta for a little over a year and it was time to get back to Cali. Linked up with my guy Ola Bakare (http://instagram.com/olabakaree) and we got right to work. The next day we did a photo shoot with some models and a music video for my song, "Sippin On This Henny". We recorded some new music and ate good food. Here's some of the footage from my first day back in LA.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Prestley Snipes - NETFLIX

"NETFLIX" by Prestley Snipes Produced by JPrice Recorded and Engineered by Edgar Monroy

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

360 Deals, ILLUMINATI & Music Business Conspiracies

I don't personally believe in the "Illuminati". I believe that there are people that work hard and people who don't. I also do my best not to judge anyone's political or religious views. I've recently begun seeing an influx of videos on YouTube about the music business, music contracts, and 360 deals. Firstly, I'd like to say that the term "360 deal" is thrown around a lot and it really means nothing. Profit sharing is expected in any business and music contracts come pretty standard unless you have built enough momentum independently, to negotiate better terms. This is how life works. It is your choice, to sign any agreement, that you may sign. If you are desperate and you sign a "bad agreement", that is no one's fault but your own. In this video, I share my thoughts on the "360 deal" which is actually called an "ancillary rights" deal. Deals like this have been going on since the beginning of business. Also, I talk about conspiracy theories in the music business. My personal studies have not led me to the conclusion that success in the entertainment business, has any link to satanic culture. There is a lot of propaganda spread by people who are on the outside of the entertainment industry. I assume this is their only way that they can feel as if they're on the inside... by spreading lies. I believe if you work hard, then you will succeed, and that's all there is to it.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

What Happens When You Sign a Music Contract?

On this episode, I respond to a video by BET (Black Entertainment Television), titled "What happens when you sign a Music Contract? | Rules to this Sh!t". The videos made by the big media networks such as BET and Complex are often times very misleading because they only give you one side to the equation. Record labels are always targeted as being predatory, when people talk about the music business, yet no one ever discusses musicians who use predatory tactics to get over on investors. I believe the video is also one sided because BET only covers the negative aspects of what happens when you sign a record contract instead of shedding light on all the positive situations that signing a record contract can lead you to. The video is also hypocritical because BET literally tell you "Don't Sign Your Life Away" in the video, yet, they're only asking artists who have signed major recording contracts. I think BET is full of sh*t and I don't want anyone to be mislead by the misinformation that their network spreads. Signing a music contract can come with many benefits. You also have to take in consideration what you will be giving in exchange for having a business partner. I give my honest response to the video. What do you think about signing a music contract? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below and make sure you Subscribe, Like & Share this video. Watch the video in question, below.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Making Money with Prestley Snipes: Million Dollar Listing [Episode 5]

In Episode Five of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", I go to meet with a potential seller of an apartment complex sitting on a few acres. I originally set out to find single family houses, but my optimism has led me to a $1.2 million dollar deal. I met with the owner of the apartment complex and we got along well. He's open to the opportunity of me buying this property, but I must do more research on the property, before I make him my offer. I'm looking forward to closing on this situation fast and when it happens, it should be a very big payday! We'll see what happens. I've also learned how to navigate through a code violations list, enabling me to find distressed properties, more efficiently. Episode 6 coming soon. I'm hoping to be closing this deal, in the next episode. Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Why Rappers, Singers, Athletes & Actors GO BROKE!!! (100% Facts)

This video is about financial literacy and it's Based on a True Story. In this video, I give my perspective on why most rappers, singers, athletes and actors, go broke. Most creative and talented people fail at financial literacy. In college, I would get an A in English class, and a C in Math. I was personally more interested in writing and the arts. A lot of us are very creative and talented in many ways, but we'd fail doing simple accounting. In this video, I tell my story of how I squandered through millions of dollars in the matter of 1-2 years. Creating an expensive lifestyle for yourself, is the number one reason that people go bankrupt. Financial literacy is just as important as making the money itself. If you have no financial literacy, then you will fall victim to your spending and everyone around you. We always hear stories of guys from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL making hundreds of millions of dollars, then going broke and filing for bankruptcy. How does this happen? How do you spend $100 million dollars? If you're sitting at home, you may be wondering how this is possible. I will do my best in this video, to explain the correlation between financial illiteracy, having millions and going bankrupt. I also talk about how drug abuse, fake friends and excessive eating and spending can lead you on a downward spiral, financially. Leave your feedback in the comments below and make sure you Subscribe, Like & Share this video.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

How To Diversify Business So You NEVER Fall OFF!

In this video I talk about "Criminals Gone Wild" and the various business ventures I've been involved in, which ultimately led to success in the music business. I discuss my now defunct website ilpvideo.com or ILP and how starting that business lead me to start a business managing artists as well as a publishing company, which is now Grammy Nominated. Having various income streams is the key to longevity in the music and entertainment business. So many artists are solely focused on the income that they dream of making from their art, that they never step outside and try anything else. This can be detrimental to your career because without finances, it will be very hard to create a career in music and entertainment, let alone create a successful brand. It takes money to make money. Do not think that others want to invest in your creative career. You have to be willing to invest in your own career and you do that by diversifying. Watch the video and leave your comments below. Also make sure you Like, Share & Subscribe to this channel, if you haven't already.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Making Money with Prestley Snipes: Where's The Ghetto? [Episode 4]

In Episode Four of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", I give updates on my progress with my new real estate investing venture. I also finish posting the bandit signs that I ordered, in Episode Three. I'm currently working the Phoenix market and I decided to drive out to the Mesa / Tempe area to finish my bandit sign promotion today. See what it takes first hand to launch a grassroots bandit sign campaign for an upstart real estate investing firm. While posting bandit signs, I also found a few abandoned properties, in which I plan to get in touch with the owners, in hopes of them selling their properties to me. See what it takes to get rid of about 50 bandit signs, in a busy city. It took me a total of about 10 hours to get rid of the 100 signs. I posted the signs in different parts of the city, over the course of about 4 days. This is footage of my final day, posting my first 100 bandit signs. Hopefully this video will motivate you to get started in real estate investing. Stay tuned for Episode 5 of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes".

Friday, November 30, 2018

Making Money with Prestley Snipes: Bandit Sign Marketing [Episode 3]

In Episode #3, my bandit signs finally arrived. I have my flyers, business card, and bandit signs, now it's time to hit the streets and market. Now, when I'm driving for dollars, I can also post my signs and market. I'm getting more organized with my new real estate investing business. I'm creating a workflow which will be replicated. I just started marketing two weeks ago and I already have one house I'm working on selling, a list of solid leads and another motivated seller contacted me by email. So far, everything is going as planned. Watch me hit the streets of Phoenix, looking for homes to buy. I speak with a few homeowners in this episode and make relationships with neighbors or abandoned houses. I also show myself posting my new bandit signs on this episode. Watch as I grow my real estate investing empire. Episode Four coming soon!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Making Money with Prestley Snipes: Cold Calling Homeowners [Episode 2]

In Episode #2 of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", we cold call a homeowner live, to see if they're willing to sell us their house! I made some great progress this week! I came up with a name for my new real estate investing business. I also went to Walmart and bought an AT&T prepaid phone, which I will use as the hotline for my new real estate business. After that, I then designed a logo and made some flyers and business cards, which I then got professionally printed. I also set up my real estate website and bought a new domain name to accompany my new real estate brand. I'm now a little more prepared than I was last week and I'm ready to start marketing my company to potential homeowners and investors. On the last episode, I was "driving for dollars", building a list of prospective homeowners to call, hoping that they'd sell me their home. In this episode, I'm actually trying to call some of the homeowners from my list to see if I can make a deal with them over the phone! Watch and learn to see what happens next! Episode #3 coming soon!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Making Money with Prestley Snipes: Wholesale Real Estate [Episode 1]

This is episode one of my new web series "Making Money with Prestley Snipes". In this episode, I start my new business as a real estate investor. Follow me as I drive for dollars, looking for properties to buy. I'm currently in the Phoenix market, which I hear is very lucrative. This series will showcase myself and various entrepreneurs, as we show you how we start businesses from scratch, as well as the day to day operations and challenges of being an entrepreneur and business owner. The goal is for this series to become an outlet for entrepreneurs and business minds, who are looking to expand and promote their unique businesses. Follow the journey and make sure to Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share this video!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Super Producer Neo Da Matrix Composing with Just a Laptop! [Life of Artist Manager]

(5/13/18) - Multi-Platinum Producer Neo Da Matrix stopped by to work on some new music. I met Neo a few years ago in Los Angeles and we've been building ever since. Neo is a serial entrepreneur who also happens to be a talented producer and songwriter. Growing up, I was a fan of Neo's productions. Neo has made such songs as Juelz Santana "Mic Check", Cassidy Lil Wayne, Fabolous's "6 Minutes", Fabolous "Paperman", numerous Jadakiss & Styles P hits, songs with Jay-Z, a multi-platinum song with Rihanna and the list goes on and on. Neo also recently got a placement on 50 Cent's TV show "POWER" and on Jadakiss and Fabolous most recent album "Friday on Elm Street". Watch Neo Da Matrix construct a new beat from scratch using only his laptop.

Follow Neo Da Matrix

Monday, November 12, 2018

Producers Tagging Beats: Has It Gone Too Far?

You shouldn't have to sell people on your music. If your music is good, people will be sold. In this video, I talk about producers putting tags on their beats. There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself as a producer and artist. This channel focuses on marketing. It recently has become very popular in the past few years, for producers to have their own signature "beat tag". A "beat tag" is a soundbite, usually of the producers name being said, usually before the artist begins to sing or rap over the music. The beat tag has become very popular in recent years and it has helped to bring fame, to the once obscure, music producer. In the past, producers gained popularity, by creating their own signature sound, as well as by connecting with rising or popular artist, with the goal of creating good music. Music production equipment, was a lot more expensive in the past, which created a void of music producers. Nowadays, with only a laptop and Fruity Loops software, anyone can now produce high quality sounding music. With ease, the ambitious producer can emulates their favorite producers, which then creats an influx of, copy cat sounding music. These producers are making these rushed beats, and the only thing that separates these mediocre beats, are the producer's unique beat tags. The beat tag helps the producer to be identified in the sea of copy cat sounding beats. In my opinion, a beat tag is not necessary. I've heard some beat tags that turned me away from listening to a song. I would suggest using your best judgement, if you are using a beat tag. As long as you try your best to be as original as possible, people will recognize your beats and your sound. Quality work cannot be denied. If you use beat tags, do not be offended. I'm just giving a different perspective on how I feel about some beat tags, that I hear. There are some beat tags, that I think, sound good with the music. There are others that I feel, should be taken off the song. This is just my opinion. You must take everything into consideration, if you plan to succeed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Establishing CREDIT and the Importance of Credibility

Every time you create a new piece of work, you are giving yourself a new credit. Having credentials is what helps to establish you in your field. Seeking credit from others, will be unnecessary, when you are establishing credit for yourself. Establishing your own credentials is what makes you unique. When it comes to establishing financial credit, here’s how the FICO system works. There are three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Credit lenders use a system called FICO, to establish the risk factor when loaning money to people. Having several good standing accounts, which you pay on time, will make your credit score get higher. When establishing your brand online, you gain credentials by creating and sharing your work online. Think of different social media platforms, the same way you would think of having various credit card accounts. You must use all of the various platforms to establish your brand, the same way that you would use all of your various credit accounts, to establish your FICO Score. There is a lot to learn about credit. The most important rule to remember is to pay your bills on time, while not utilizing all of your credit, while managing various long standing accounts. These same principles apply to online marketing, and if you want to be successful, you must use your various social media accounts, websites, apps, to further your brand, while creating original and unique content and marketing plans, while also being consistent. If this is done properly, over time, you will be establishing work credit and credentials. In marketing, having “credit” will lead to you gaining fans, getting recognition, money and business success. Create as much content on as many platforms as possible, to establish credentials, which will lead to success in the long run. Another major point to remember is, no credit is just as bad as bad credit. That means that having little to no credited work, is actually worst than having mediocre credited work distributed. Establish yourself and your brand by putting as much work out there as possible. The only way to get credit, is to create it for yourself. No one is looking to build your credit for you. That is something you have to do for yourself. Understand that people are trying to create and build their own credit. Don't be offended.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Red Rose Panic - BEEN THERE

New Red Rose Panic Music Video shot, directed and edited by me. I shot this video on iPhone 7.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Prestley Snipes (feat. SuLi) - ALCOHOL

New song I wrote and recorded the other day with my cousin Suli. Check it out.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

LIL TAY: The REAL True Hollywood Story (How She Got Famous EXPOSED)

Pay attention. This is what fake music industry execs and label owners do. They’ll email you on a Sunday requesting that you to take down your own work, all because they want to exercise some authority, as their new position as "artist manager", "label owner", "publisher" or whatever role they claim. If this person was really handling his business, and doing his job, he would not have time to even be concerned about an old song, which is actually helping to keep his client relevant. These types will rather see the whole house burn down, than to see you all living in it, in harmony.

In this video, I share the story, from my perspective of the “Lil Tay” situation and controversy. I started working with Claire (Lil Tay) and her brother Jason Tian around January 2018. I was introduced to Jason and Claire through my business partner JPrice, who is a producer whom I’ve worked and collaborated with since 2015. JPrice has helped in my quest to discover new, and upcoming artists. One day, JPrice told me about this young Asian girl who he felt would rise to the top very fast. Before Lil Tay and Jason even amassed 10k followers on Instagram with their mockery of hip hop and antics, JPrice and I were planning a music project with Lil Tay. The plan was to create 5 demo songs and shoot a few impromptu green screen style music videos, with Lil Tay rapping. Based on the circumstances, we knew Lil Tay was going to “blow up” fast, so we started writing several songs for her. After writing a few songs, and sending Jason and Claire several instrumental beats, “Money Way” song was recorded.

Jason knew nothing about music production or recording music at home. JPrice and I coached Jason, during various video chat sessions, and the "Money Way" vocals were recorded in GarageBand, per our instructions. The vocals were then sent to JPrice, which he mixed and engineered. I put the song on our YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/z5cTsX1qgFM), and soon, it had over a million streams and was re-uploaded by several users. At this time, I did not want Jason and Lil Tay to make any more videos at this time and I suggested that they focus on shooting a quick and cheesy iPhone music video for "Money Way" song. Instead Jason continued to push Claire to make these tired videos of her "flossing", "flexing", using the n-word and bragging about how rich she was, mocking hip hop culture. All that did was make people despise Claire even more. While Jason was being blinded by the amount of new followers coming to his "Lil Tay" Instagram page, he didn't realize that he was simultaneously ruining his sister's image. It's one thing to have a large following of people who like you. It's another to have a large following of people who despise you and look at you as a clown.

The "Money Way" song soon started racking up millions of accumulative streams on all music platforms. An artist can get a major record deal, but that doesn’t give the major label the authority to take all of the artists old music down, unless a artist completely sells out to the label, which is very stupid. I’ve watched artists get suckered left and right, by labels, who claim that old releases interfere with new marketing. That’s the biggest crap I’ve ever heard in my life. You don’t delete old work, just because new work was created. That is the definition of "counter productive" and the work of none other than a counter-productive hater/crab in a barrel. The hater doesn’t want ANYONE to capitalize off of ANYTHING! Here is a perfect example! Now this random “record producer” is emailing my client, threatening him with “cease & desist” letters, over a song WE (not him), created in good faith, with an artist that we were willing to put our necks out for, at the time.

Here’s the TRUE story of the “Lil Tay” project and how things went uphill and downhill very fast due to her brothers greed, clout chasing, ignorance and the list goes on. This is all a joke to me. There’s a million other things I’d rather be doing than going back and forth with a grown man about a song that I created, with my business partner, almost a year ago, with a 9-year-old elementary school student. Seems people have nothing better to do, than bother people with this childish nonsense. This is also a perfect example of discrimination in the music business. For example, if this same song was produced by Timbaland or Pharrell, or any other big producer, we wouldn’t be getting this sort of harassment. This is what small time record execs do. They go around picking fights over authority. I personally could care less.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Swizz Beatz SURPRISE Birthday Party! (Jay Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Usher) [Life of Artist Manager]

(10/20/18) - Alicia Keys surprised her husband, Swizz Beatz with a 40th Birthday Party at World On Wheels in Los Angeles, CA. Jay Z and Beyonce were in attendance along with Usher, Jimmy Iovine, Maino, Steve Stoute, Sylvia Rhone, Neo Da Matrix and more were there to celebrate. Alicia Keys also surprised Super Producer Swiss Beatz with a brand new neon yellow 2019 Aston Martin Vantage coupe. The new Vantage has the new AMG 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 making 503 HP and 505 lb-ft of torque. What that means is, it does zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. Swiss arrived at the party, blindfolded, thinking he was on his way to a fancy restaurant, when he was surprised by all of his friends at the popular skating rink in LA. Swizz actually turned 40 in September, but his birthday was celebrated on this night. It was actually his protege, Neo Da Matrix’s birthday on this night. Jay Z said a speech before the cake was cut and the night turned out well. Unfortunately, Swizz injured himself and had to drive his new Aston to the hospital, to get his arm checked out. Check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage from the event.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

How To Become FAMOUS

You want to know how to become famous? If so, then watch this video. I discuss exactly what you will need to do, to become famous. Gaining fame and notoriety doesn't come easy for most. Some people are born into fame, others get famous because of luck or chance. Most famous people have worked for their success and have been involved in projects that have affected the world in positive ways. Fame comes from being prolific and putting out bodies of work. You cannot expect to be famous for doing nothing. You must create and build your business or your craft, if you expect to get notoriety from it. In this discussion, I speak about the term "Instagram Famous" or "YouTube Famous" and exactly what that means. I also discuss popular female artist Cardi B, and her rise to fame and popularity. I also discuss famous Instagram entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian and how he utilizes Instagram to further his brand. I also discuss the phrase "15 minutes of fame" or "fifteen minutes of fame" and what being prolific really means.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

JPrice Nice - ON ME

"ON ME" Music Video by @JPriceNice Produced by JPrice Nice Starring Summer (http://instagram.com/juss.summer) Shot by Prince Temple & Prestley Snipes Directed & Edited by Prestley Snipes

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


The "snowball effect" is a cliché that describes a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger and more serious. In this video, I relate the snowball effect to a person starting and building a business. Initially, you will need to do all of the hard work to get your business off the ground, unless you are fortune enough to find partners who will help you establish your brand and push "the snowball to the top of the hill". As the snowball gets higher and higher up on the hill, the size of the snowball also increases to the point where the snowball may become too heavy to push, without help. If you can somehow push that snowball a little further, you will reach the top of the hill. At that point, the snowball will start rolling downward, building it's own momentum collecting more snow, while gaining size, at a rapid speed. The snowball effect is a metaphor to describe the hard work that it will take for you to get your business or art out there to the masses. Do not assume that other people want or are willing to help you push your snowball to the top of the hill. People have their own "snowballs" to push, and you are very fortunate if you meet someone crazy enough to spend their time, pushing your snowballs around with you. If you do happen to find people that will help you push your snowballs to the top of the hill, then be very grateful to have such people in your company. You will learn that people who are willing to sacrifice, for you, don't come a dime a dozen.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

BIGGEST Music Business Secret REVEALED!!!

In this video, I reveal one of the biggest music and entertainment business secrets. Most people will never make it far enough to reach the level that I'm about to reveal. If you are an independent artist, wondering how to build your following and make a career out of your art, then you need to watch this whole video. No one will ever give you this information so truthful and raw, so get your notepads, relax and watch this informative lesson. Take this information and use it to your advantage and make sure to Subscribe, Share, Like and leave your Comments about this video.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


In this video, I talk about the term “going viral” and what viral actually means. Viral, comes from the word virus. A virus, replicates. Going viral means your video or your content is being spread, uncontrollably. When your content goes viral, you couldn’t stop it from being spread, even if you wanted to. Usually, you can put a video up online, and if you’re getting some slack from it, you can just take it down… and its over. When a video goes viral, you could take it down, but it will still exist somewhere on the internet, because people are sharing it, somewhere. I also discuss, why someone would you want to go viral, the benefits and disadvantages of going viral, the organic elements of true viral content and most importantly, How Do YOU Make YOUR Shit Go Viral…? New content coming daily. Subscribe for more and make sure to comment, share and leave your feedback on this topic.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Prestley Snipes - NETFLIX

Prestley Snipes "NETFLIX" Produced by JPrice. Recorded & Engineered by Prestley Snipes. From my new project coming around Christmas 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018


"Clout Chasing" is an overused phrase being spread on social media. To me, a clout chaser is someone who seeks fame, with no objective. A clout chaser will do any and everything to be seen and heard, even if it's by being tacky or distasteful. Clout chasers usually are victims of the "15 minutes of fame" term because their fame often comes and goes. Clout chasers are not business savvy, yet they may appear to be, due to their large social media following. The term "clout chaser" and "clout chasing" has become prevalent and it is often used out of context. Clout is obtained by selling products and making money. Clout isn't about appearing powerful. It's about actually being power and having influence. If people don't respect you, then you have no clout. When you obtain money, you obtain power. When you get the power, you get the respect, as the great poet Lil Kim, once said. In this video, I break down the term "clout chasing" and I speak about a few past experience I've had, dealing with "clout chasers".

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Prince Directs Music Video [Life of Artist Manager]

Met with my guy Prince in Oceanside, CA to help work on a music video for an artist that he's currently working with from Chicago, named Goaldin Tone. I've been working with Prince for a few years now and he recently expressed his interest in directing and video production. The shoot turned out well and Prince appeared to be a natural. I look forward to seeing how the finished music video turns out.

Check out this TV pilot I shot with Prince a couple years ago ► https://youtu.be/EYi55qqm-rk