Wednesday, November 25, 2020

1st House I Ever FLIPPED | Making Money with Prestley Snipes [Episode 18]

On Episode 18 of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", I stop by the first house that I ever flipped. I got this house under contract after finding the seller on the local tax delinquent list. I skip traced the seller's phone number and got in contact with her on the spot. I made the seller an offer of $10,000 and told her I'd pay her back taxes which were a little over $2200 dollars. After a few months, the seller decided to take my offer. I then sold the house a few hours later for $20,000 cash. The buyer invested around $10,000-$15,000 into fixing the house up and sold it for around $70,000 a few months later. This whole transaction started from just a phone call. Had I not contacted the seller, she may have lost the home due to non-payment of delinquent taxes. I was able to put some money in the seller's pocket, put some money in my account, put money in the investors pocket and put a family into a new home. The process has been fulfilling and I'm glad to see that a family lives in this house now, which was vacant when I found it. Stay tuned for Episode #19 and be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more informative content.

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