Saturday, August 24, 2019

Invest In YOURSELF | Making Money with Prestley Snipes [Episode 10]

Subscribe ► - In Episode Ten of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", I treat myself to some new toys and gifts. I've been working hard on my new business ventures and I think it's important to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I have now completed 3 wholesale real estate deals which netted me upwards of $10,000 this month. I'm also celebrating a new music deal that I made, which put some extra money in my pocket this month. Looking forward to investing more money in marketing for my real estate business, my book and my music publishing company. In this episode, I visit Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona and buy a new Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Damier. I also buy some new Nike sneakers for me and my son. I also stop by Gucci and buy a few gifts. We then headed to Bourbon & Bones in Old Town Scottsdale for some 5-star dining. Check out this episode and make sure to Like, Subscribe & Comment below.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Passive Income | Making Money with Prestley Snipes [Episode 9]

In Episode Nine of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", a mobile notary stops by my place to deliver a publishing deal that I was offered by some new business partners. After reading the agreement, the deal seems like it will be beneficial to my real estate business, therefore, I'm accepting the offer and signing the deal. This extra money came at the right time. I'm becoming a savvy real estate investor and I have some good plans for this money. I'm planning on spending a majority of this on production equipment and marketing for my real estate business. I currently have about 5 houses for sale and 2 deals just closed today. I'm happy to say that my real estate business is picking up, really fast. I'm very glad that I am able to share this monumental moment with you all. Stay tuned for Episode 10 of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes", and watch as new situations and business opportunities develop.