Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life of Artist Manager: Mike Will Made It Phone Call

(12/14/13) - You're not really doing a good job as an artist manager, if other management teams aren't interested in your artist. After over a year and a half, of laying down the foundation for the iLoveMakonnen project, producer Mike Will Made It reached out to Makonnen and they started working together. At the time, Mike didn't know that I was managing Makonnen, and was interested in his partner, Jeremy, who manages Rae Sremmurd, in managing Makonnen. Jeremy has done a great job with Rae Sremmurd, but at this point, I already had Makonnen signed to an agreement. Mike understood the situation and embraced me as part of their team. Here's how the conversation went down when Makonnen revealed to Mike, that he was already signed to Prestley Snipes.