Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prestley Snipes with Karl Kani and Safaree

the legendary @karl_kani

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Met up with Safaree at a Karl Kani photo shoot.

Life of Artist Manager: Safaree's Ferrari

(1/31/15) - On this day, Safaree had a photoshoot with Karl Kani. We stopped in my garage to check out his new Ferrari 458.

Check out Safaree's music video for "Burner"

Life of Artist Manager: Karl Kani Photo Shoot with Safaree

(1/31/15) - On this day, I met Safaree Downtown LA at a photo studio where he was doing a shoot for legendary clothing designer, Karl Kani. It was my first time meeting Karl and it was an honor. In the 90s, Karl Kani made a huge mark in the urban fashion industry and I grew up seeing people wearing his clothes, every day. Check out footage from the photo shoot and an exclusive interview with Karl.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Prestley Snipes with DJ Carnage In Compton

w/ @djcarnage at @wolfpack_keith @ogxmaco @fatmankey show

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Prestley Snipes with DJ Carnage during HAMONEVERYTHING Show featuring Propr Boyz, Ruben Slikk, Mike Dece, and AGoff (Los Angeles, CA)

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Prestley Snipes DTLA with Stunnaman aka Keith Jenkins

in the @uber on the way to the @wolfpack_keith show ... see you at the party richter

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Downtown LA with Stunnaman, founder of the legendary Bay Area hip hop group "The Pack", and Producers, JPrice and JakeGoesDigital

Life of Artist Manager: Compton Concert with Keith Jenkins

(1/30/15) On this night, Stunnaman aka Keith Jenkins (, Koran Streets ( and Producer JakeGoesDigital ( came to Los Angeles for a show that he had with HamOnEverything ( Before the show, he stopped by my place to record some songs with Producer JPrice ( We then hopped in a Uber and headed to the venue in Compton. The venue was packed as we headed inside. Check out what happened at the show this night. Rapper Agoff (, performed and as well as Atlanta rapper Key! (, before Stunnaman took the stage.

Keith Jenkins In Studio with JPrice & JakeGoesDigital

(1/30/15) - This is footage after Keith finished rocking a show in Compton with HamOnEverything. Producer JPrice made some fire songs with Stunnaman after the show that will be coming soon! Check out this rare interview of the Bay Area legend Keith Jenkins aka Stunnaman from the legendary group The Pack.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life of Artist Manager: Safaree Music Video

(1/28/15) - On this day, Safaree came to my place downtown LA, so that we could shoot a impromptu music video for his remix to Troy Ave's "All About The Money". We got a few shots on the rooftop lounge area and then we went to the helipad for that crazy Los Angeles backdrop. We shot this in about a hour and it turned out well.

Check out the finished video here:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life of Artist Manager: JPrice & YC Lopez Studio Session

(1/23/15) - Producer JPrice came to the studio Downtown LA to meet with artist YC Lopez to work on some new music.

Ben Brady - Comfy

Ben Brady "Comfy" Produced by Sonny Digital Music Video Directed, shot and edited by Prestley Snipes

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trinidad James Session with Prestley Snipes and JPrice DTLA

session with @trinidadjamesgg @iamjprice @liquidchampagne @ilpvideo

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Prestley Snipes Backstage with Rae Sremmurd at The Roxy

@raesremmurd show was off the chayyynnneee

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Platinum Producer Sonny Digital Talks About Prestley Snipes Website on Hot97

thank you @sonnydigital

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Sonny Digital has been a long time viewer and supporter of ILP Video Network Sonny pays homage to ILP during an interview with Ebro Darden on Hot97

Life of Artist Manager: Trinidad James LA Condo Session

(1/21/15) - On this day, producer JPrice (, Trinidad James (, and my guy Jose (, who manages rap group Larry League (, came thru to my new studio in Downtown LA. Trinidad and JPrice ended up recorded a few songs, one which ended up featuring Young Dolph (, called "Simple Pimpin". My next door neighbor Kevin was a sound engineer. We recorded some vocals at my place then finished the rest of the vocals on his setup. Everything turned out well. Check it out.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life of Artist Manager: Developing New Artist

(1/15/15) - On this day I had a session at my studio downtown Los Angeles with Dr. Freakington (@Drfreakington), a producer I know from Akron, OH and a new artist I was developing named Ben Brady. We listened to some new instrumentals and then Ben and I recorded a song and then shot a music video.

Here's a link to the finished video:

Life of Artist Manager: Jonah Levine & Gianni Mora DTLA

(1/15/15) - Jonah Levine and Gianni Mora stopped by the studio Downtown Los Angeles. I did a interview with Jonah then we took some photos on the roof.

Life of Artist Manager: Dr. Freakington On Getting Placements

(1/15/15) - Producer Dr. Freakington ( talks about how to get placements. Freakington has built his name in the industry with his signature sound. He has worked with some of the best in the music business and has had his beats placed with several mainstream artists. One of my partners has worked with Dr. Freakington for years and as soon as I found out that he was in Los Angeles, I made sure I connected with him. I shot this footage Downtown Los Angeles on the rooftop of my building. Check out the interview. He gives some great advice which may help you.

Ben Brady - Necklace

Ben Brady "Necklace" Produced by JPrice (

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life of Artist Manager: The W Hollywood

(1/7/15) - Went with Safaree to check with his video editors on a web series he was working on, then we met with some of his friends from Brooklyn at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Check it out.

Life of Artist Manager: Malibu Music Video

(1/7/15) - On this day I shot a music video with a new artist I was developing named Ben Brady. I met Ben while I was shopping in Santa Monica. We recorded a bunch of songs at my studio then we decided to shoot some music videos. This was the second video I shot for Ben. Ben's father is a well known film director in Hollywood and he is also the nephew of "The Fonz" from the legendary American TV show "Happy Days". Thanks to Sonny Digital for the track used on this song.

Check out the finished video here:

Life of Artist Manager: Safaree Buys Slingshot

(1/7/15) - On this day I went with Safaree to pick up his new red Polaris Slingshot. Brought the camera along and documented the day. After that we stopped by Crooks & Castles on Fairfax to meet with the owners. The next day, Safaree was on TMZ in the new Slingshot.

Prestley Snipes New Web Series: ILP Lifestyle

Thanks to everyone involved. More episodes coming soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life of Artist Manager: Safaree's Bachelor Pad

(1/6/15) - Just left the studio with Safaree and we stopped by his bachelor pad, so I decided to get some footage. Safaree also shows his Bentley Flying Spur and four of his motorcycles, one which he keeps inside the apartment. Check out this MTV Cribs style tour of his place. I hear Safaree just got his own TV show on Vh1. Congrats to Safaree on his new television show venture.

Life of Artist Manager: Safaree In The Studio

(1/6/15) - On this day, I met Safaree ( and TravisKr8ts ( at a studio in North Hollywood. Safaree is known for writing many of Nicki Minaj's hit songs and is one of the better hip hop writers of our time. I believe he deserves a lot more credit for his work. Watch him and producer/engineer TravisKr8ts make a beat on the spot, while him and Safaree piece together lyrics and make the song "Bruce Wayne", which was a part of his "It Is What It Is, Vol. 2" album