Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Why I've Been Staying OFF Social Media & Winning In Private

In this clip, I share why I haven't been posting as much content and being as active on social media. I've spent a large portion of my career documenting my life and other people's lives, for all to see. While it's been a fun journey, I am now going on journeys by myself that I don't care to share with others. Although my new journey may give other people insight, I'd rather keep my business private while I grow. There's nothing wrong with using social media to your advantage, but I think the use of social media is becoming excessive and overused. Social media is becoming more of a way of life rather than a tool that is used within life to get your further. I enjoy using social media as a business tool. I try my best not to be so connected to social media and to be more in tune with real life.