Saturday, May 26, 2018

Life of Artist Manager: Roget Romain & Kameechi Arrive In Los Angeles

In this episode, my long time mentor and business partner Roget Romain arrived in Los Angeles with his new artist Kameechi. Roget started managing me when I was doing my "FDTV" comedy series, back in 2005. Roget has always been a big help in my career, and I've never made any major moves without running it by him. This week, we plan on shooting some new content for Kameechi and working on Roget's new media company, Black Count. Roget just bought a new Sony A7 S, so we were eager to work with the new camera. The Sony Alpha 7S camera uses mirrorless technology and the visuals turned out amazing. Kameechi and JPrice have also been working on some new music and all the songs I heard sound like fire! Watch what happens next.