Thursday, October 4, 2018


In this video, I talk about the term “going viral” and what viral actually means. Viral, comes from the word virus. A virus, replicates. Going viral means your video or your content is being spread, uncontrollably. When your content goes viral, you couldn’t stop it from being spread, even if you wanted to. Usually, you can put a video up online, and if you’re getting some slack from it, you can just take it down… and its over. When a video goes viral, you could take it down, but it will still exist somewhere on the internet, because people are sharing it, somewhere. I also discuss, why someone would you want to go viral, the benefits and disadvantages of going viral, the organic elements of true viral content and most importantly, How Do YOU Make YOUR Shit Go Viral…? New content coming daily. Subscribe for more and make sure to comment, share and leave your feedback on this topic.