Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Hard To SELL House | Making Money with Prestley Snipes [Episode 14]

What happens when you're wholesaling real estate, but you haven't found an end buyer in time, to satisfy the seller? In this video, I share a conversation that I had with a particular seller, who has a nice sized house, that I'm looking to flip. The seller's house doesn't need much repairs, so he wants close to retail price for the house. Therefore, it's taking me more time, than I originally anticipated, to find the right person, to buy this house. I'm interested in buying some of the properties that I wholesale, but I need them to be at a certain price. Usually investors look for houses priced way below market value. In order to finish this deal, I have to be completely transparent with the seller. Here’s one of the conversations that we had a couple weeks ago. The seller and I are working together to close this deal, as soon as possible. Stay tuned for Episode 15 of "Making Money with Prestley Snipes" and make sure to Like, Share, and leave a comment and Subscribe.