Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why I Dislike TUNECORE (Worst Music Distribution Service)

In this video, I tell the story about my dispute with Tunecore and how they are withholding revenue generated from my intellectual property. If you do not pursue your music royalties, you may never collect your money. It will just sit in someone's bank account, collecting interest for them. Tunecore wrongfully placed a copyright claim on my movie "Criminals Gone Wild 2: Menace II Humanity", and ran ads on my film, without my consent. When I confronted Tunecore, my claim was counter claimed by one of their clients, who clearly used my intellectual property, without my permission. After speaking with the Tunecore client, he released the counter claim. I contacted Tunecore with the counter claim release, then asked when my money would be sent to me. Since then, I still haven't received my royalties. I was told that I'd receive a check in 2 months. It has now been 5 months, and I still have not seen a cent. Where's my money Tunecore? I would not recommend doing business with this company, to distribute your music.