Thursday, May 2, 2019

How To Make A MILLION DOLLARS Per YEAR Writing!!!

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n this video, I discuss Audible’s new Bounty Referral Program and how self published authors and entrepreneurs, are generating hefty royalties every month, from audiobook sales and sign ups. I released my audiobook a few months ago and it immediately became the top selling product, amongst my ebook and physical paperback book. We’re in a new era, where people have mobile devices and they’re more willing than ever to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, which makes this opportunity very beneficial to self published writers. In this video I discuss how I’ve generated a new source of income, by self publishing my book on iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and more. I also discuss the Audible Bounty Referral program and how authors are generating $75 referral fees, every time their marketing causes someone to sign up to a Free Audible Trial. If you like to write, and want to figure out how to turn your writing talent, into a full time income, then this is the perfect situation for you. There are plenty of Amazon and Audible authors who are living comfortably, from their book royalties and I point out a few of them, in this video. Add this venture, to your list of income generating businesses, and you cannot go wrong. Watch this video and learn how I’m on my way to generating millions of dollars, every year, selling my audiobook on Audible, and how you can too.