Friday, July 5, 2019


In this video, I speak about music publishing, setting up a publishing company and being a co-publisher to a songwriter / composer / producer. When your song or album begins to get streams, downloads, plays on the radio, played on television, or synced, you will start to receive royalties for your music being played (performed). Royalties come from various sources and it is your job as a publisher to be on top of all of the various royalty sources, so that you and your partners will be paid (especially in a timely fashion). A good co-publisher will have various roles within your career as a musician. As a publisher, I usually also take on the role as an artist manager. I do that because, if you aren't a successful artist, then your publishing most likely will not be worth any money. I invest in developing artists, as a record label would (and should). I also manage the artists, that I develop. I am also the co-publisher to these artists, because I find myself responsible for making sure that my artists get paid, all around. In my case, being a co-publisher, is a job where I wear many hats. It is a difficult job because my success is usually dependent on someone else. I speak about music publishing, from my own personal standpoint and I also give my reason for reconsidering signing a co-publishing admin deal with a major publishing company, almost five years ago. Credit to ASCAP for supplying the text info that I use in the video where I discuss publishing recoupment. In 2015, I was Nominated for a Grammy Award for my Co-Publishing and Songwriting efforts.