Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How To NOT Get SHOT By Police (The Danquirs Napoleon Franklin Story)

You wont make it far in the music business, or any business, if you become a victim of a police shooting. In this video, I discuss the untimely death of Danquirs Napoleon Franklin and I talk about how you can avoid being gunned down by the police. After having an argument with his girlfriend, Danquirs Franklin went to the Burger King, where his girlfriend worked, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reports say that Danquirs was in the Burger King, acting erratic, with a gun in his pocket. Two witnesses called 911 and the police arrived to find Danquirs, hunched over next to a burgundy Honda Accord. Suspecting Danquirs had a gun, police demanded that he drop the gun and put his hands up. Danquirs failed to follow the cops orders and he was shot twice, shortly after grabbing the gun out of his pocket. Before he could even drop the gun, a female officer named Wende Kerl fired on him, for fear of her safety and a possible victim. The whole incident was captured on officer Kerl's bodycam. The officer claims that she acted accordingly, based on the circumstances. To me, it looked as if the officer shot Danquirs before he has a chance to put the gun down, but this is the sort of thing that happens, when you play with the police. This was an unfortunate situation, and I hope no one else goes out like this. In this video, I talk about how to act when the cops pull a gun out on you, so that you can avoid being killed by the police. Rest in peace to Danquirs Franklin.