Saturday, August 9, 2014

The FADER Music Video [Life of Artist Manager]

On this day, The FADER magazine editor-in-chief, Duncan Cooper aka 'Wildarms', was in Atlanta, hanging out with us. Duncan was working on a story about Makonnen's sudden rise to success. This was right after the "Tuesday" song blew up and we were getting radio rotation. Father and the Awful Records crew planned to shoot the music video for "Vodka On The Weekend" on this day, so we decided to have a BBQ. Duncan and a cameraman chilled with us and even made cameos in the finished music video. It started raining, but the video still turned out alright. We got kicked out the first grocery store because we came in looking like a news team, with three or four DSLR cameras. You can see the finished music video for iLoveMakonnen "Vodka On The Weekend" featuring Coodie Breeze, Rich Po Slim & Archibald Slim here: